Hello! I'm Daniele Zils, a passionate full-stack developer with a unique blend of musical artistry and coding skills.
My path began in the world of music, where I spent years teaching, composing, and immersing myself in the creative process. This artistic background has been instrumental in shaping my approach to self-study with creativity and structured discipline.

My journey in technology began with a spark of curiosity and months of studying before diving into an immersive bootcamp experience.
At Flatiron, I learned the intricacies of Python and JavaScript, preparing myself for the dynamic world of software development.

Currently, I'm harnessing my skills at SignalWire as a Technical Success Manager, where I am immersed in learning about the company's innovative products, APIs, SDKs, and SWML. This role has opened up exciting avenues in AI/ML, fueling my enthusiasm for continuous learning and development in cutting-edge technologies.
Apart from my professional endeavors, I've ventured into freelance web development, applying my skills to real-world projects.

I'm also deeply engaged in the tech community, contributing through technical blogs and online forums.
In summary, I&aposm a self-motivated learner, a creative problem-solver, and a tech enthusiast that is eager to explore new technological horizons.